• Ballistic Protective Helmets are at 3A protection level.
  • It can be produced in desired sizes or as a single size adjusted to fit different head sizes. The ballistic protective raw material used in the production of helmets is PE, the strongest fiber in the world. Ballistic protective helmets prevent shock and has a specially designed internal part.
  • It is possible to use of fixed or removable side slides and front adapters to add different accessories to our helmets.
  • Ballistic protective helmets are resistant to external factors such as sweat, water, moisture and sunlight.
  • Helmets have modular fastening system.
  • There are quick opening system on the helmets.
  • There are adjustment system on the helmets in order to adjust according to the head size.
  • Helmets have a special design that provide air flow between head and ballistic protector.