Human resources policy of CONSECTRA Defense Technologies has been established on base of managing, directing and advancing human resource properly and profiling a personnel who is an expert in his/her field, has highly motivated social and professional competence, follows closely the technological developments and creates added value.

Our Human Resources Policy is;

  • To set up and carry out a system related to hire, choose and specify qualifications of human resource that will provide fullfillment of our company actions in an effective and productive way, and, in this direction, to employ the right persons to the right proper positions,
  • To evaluate primarily human resouce of Company itself for new positions,
  • To make personnel take duties proper to their knowledge and skill,
  • To give equal opportunities to the personnel in every respect,
  • To create family awareness and keep the motivation of personnel in every stage of company at an ultimate level,
  • To create a healhty, safe and peaceful work environment in terms of occupational health and safety,
  • To prepare training programmes and apply them, and to identify training needs that aim to give required knowledge, skill, attitude and behaviours for making personnel more successful in workplace environment and for increasing their task satisfaction,
  • To evaluate and award the personnel according to objective criteria by means of providing an opportunity to evaluate the results of individual achivement and to recognize their performances, their own study results,in another mean- their outputs,
  • To establish an open communication atmosphere,
  • To improve and preserve employees’ all personal rights,
  • To update and improve our politics related to human resources management by reviewing regularly.