We are a company that is;

Having expert and experienced personnel in Defense Industry,

Having an innovative and solution-oriented approach,

Continuously improving itself,

Closely following the technological developments,

Combining technological developments with field applications,

Contributing to preservation of national security,

Never compromising on carrying out operations swiftly  and quality,

Always keeping the love of homeland and nation first.


  • Providing consultancy and training services on all kinds of security services and security equipment
  • Doing technological researches for the Defense Industry; producing, importing or exporting of the products needed,
  • Providing consultancy and training services for the identification, research, use and training of the needs for the Defense Industry,
  • Performing Regional Studies and Risk analysis on the security of institutions, organizations, factories, facilities, homes, persons, etc., providing consultancy training and meeting customer demands on these issues.


  • Reliability
  • Quality Service
  • Respect
  • Competitiveness
  • Flexibility/Solution Oriented
  • Innovation
  • Commitment to Ethical Values


CONSECTRA Defense Technologies aim to maximize the customer satisfaction and offer quality, quick and reliable service to the customers in a sense of mutual trust with self-disciplined, qualified and trained personnel in the field of defense, security and informatics. It aspires to increase the service quaility consistently and meet every sort of need with integrated security solution offers for its customers.


To become an important industry leading brand inside and outside of Turkey, to enrich our customers’ lives and make their works easier by supplying every sort of product and service needed in the field of defense and security to our customers under high-class, fast and favorable conditions in a sense of mutual trust with qualified and trained personnel by following closely the technological developments and sectoral changes in the world.